This course is for people who already hold a valid CPL or CPL/IR license of foreign origin and want their license to be converted for a valid Indian CPL license.

Course Duration: Varies as per requirement

Course Type: Full time/Part Time /As required.

Conversion theory papers. Flying tests as required

Rating: Issued by DGCA, ministry of civil aviation, govt. of India

This course is for Pilots who already hold a PPL or CPL or CPL/IR license in India and which is due for renewal. This course offers a comprehensive integrated program for license renewal. We undertake renewals of PPL, CPL and instrument rating on single engine aircraft. If the flying license has already lapsed. we would provide the necessary refresher course and additional flying prior to conducting tests for license renewal.

Course Duration: Varies as per requirement.

Requirements: SPL/PPL/CPL /ATPL

Ground Training: Refresher Training.

Rating: Issued by DGCA, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India.

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