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FLYAFC aids students who are seeking for education loan from banks. A student can avail loan from any bank in accordance with his financial status, family background, availability of documentation etc.

We are associated with a Recognized Bank to provide you this facility. Please contact our Admissions Office during enrolment procedure for more details and assistance on Bank Loans.

Existing Candidates at the academy can avail education loan amid their course can approach the institute’s office admin staff.


Candidates can avail Student Educational Loans; we exclusively cater to our students through our offices to obtain a student bank loans from various Banks. For more details contact your nearest branch of any Bank.


FLYAFC is also providing assistance to those candidates who are seeking Scholarship for their CPL and who comes under SC/ST category. Central government is directly asking for the Scholarship to these candidates via centralized scholarship portal.


Flyafc Welcomes International Students! FLYAFC Welcomes International Students! We are one of largest Initial Flying Training centres with a large number of international students enrolling to make their career with us. This truly reflects the diversity of our institute itself.
Our Counsellor and admissions team offers advise counselling and support to international students regarding admission procedures and enrolment.
Please note that an International student shall require security clearance from Indian Government (Ministry of Home Affairs, External Affairs Ministry etc.) before the enrolment.
We will be happy to assist you with all required procedure and paperwork, Our office is always happy to offer necessary assistance.


FLYAFC provides specialised services allied to aviation activities:


Aeromodelling is the art of designing, building and flying miniature aircraft models — powered or non-powered. Aeromodelling is not as daunting as it looks. In fact, if followed on the right lines, it can be extremely thrilling.
It is exciting that we can make airplane models with our own hands, which will also make understandings of aerodynamics. For those who dream to becoming pilots and aircraft engineers Aeromodelling helps them greatly, as it guides them with basic fundamentals of aerodynamics and physics.
The objective of FLYAFC is to create world -class Aeromodellers to participate in National & International competition.

Hobby Flying:

At FLYAFC, we give you wings to Hobby Flying. Busy executives, Business tycoons, Celebrities and many who want to fly for passion to take a break from their mundane routine.
Flyers feel that tier II cities like Hyderabad have a better deal when it comes to hobby flying compared to Bombay, Delhi or Chennai where getting permissions for airspace itself is very difficult. Ever wished you should fly, when you didn’t, in spite of having the license to fly?
Come and fulfil your wish with our light aircraft. You will love indulging in hobby flying - over the topography of Hyderabad amidst the moderate climate. You can also acquire your Student Pilot License / Private Pilot License and then explore your passion to fly, under supervision of an experienced flier.

Joy Rides:

Flying is not just for those who have a license to fly. Sit back and enjoy the ride in the skies while an experienced pilot will fly you around. It can be such a thrilling experience, when you feel like a bird in the sky!
Take the ride with your family or go on a romantic swing in the skies with your partner. Or to explore some adventure and thrill. Whichever way it is, it will etch your memory with beautiful moments spent in the sky. You will truly get the feel of flying, which can be experienced in a small aircraft, unlike a passenger airline in which one cannot really get the feel of flying.
So, go on, glide in the air and experience some real flying!

Petal dropping, Pamphlet dropping

Flyafc now extends aerial services too.
It could be a religious occasion or could be a service to community or private event – we will shower the flowers. For mass and immediate marketing tactics we are extending our services for pamphlet & Brochure dropping in any region for you. It could also be a seminar, a wedding, an open-air party, an inaugural event. Or anything!
Whatever the occasion, give the special touch. Keep a surprise in store for the people around. And let the skies bring the showers in the form of flowers!
It could also be environmental sustenance and development in the form of dropping seeds, fertilizers etc. that can develop agriculture, horticulture etc. 


The Academy has limited hostel facility for students near the training campus which is close proximity. Interested students can apply for hostel immediately after admissions. Separate accommodation facilities are provided for boys and girls.

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